Staying Home to Save Lives

Let them play

Reduce arguments as children actually want to wear MerriMane.

Save money as you will only need one jacket for everything and this one will last.

Capture the moments as kids are photo ready in eye catching colors, timeless styles and HUGE smiles that only outdoor unrestricted play can produce. 

Pleated Navy Party Coat
Your little girl loves to dress up and play at the playground. This style only looks delicate, it is ultra durable and fully machine washable. Let her play!
All year long perfection
Daddy & Me looks for your little in our quilted side panel vests. In 4 colors for boys and girls


Since we are all home right now - lets make it beautiful! A chat with Roxy Te Owens of Society Social.

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The Biz

Surviving the Pandemic as a Small Business. Finding support, forging new paths and trying keep it all together. 

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