Our Story


It all started from a piece of fabric that MerriMane Founder, Jasmine Hodgson had been holding onto for years. She knew it was unlike anything she was finding in the apparel world but just wasn’t sure how she would use it.

Once Jasmine had children of her own, she realized just how hard it was to find elevated styling in children’s. In children's outerwear, fabrics and styles continually felt either too casual and sporty or too fussy and restrictive. The fabric quality Jasmine was seeing in the market just didn’t hold up to regular wear and tear – often looking pilled and worn out after only a few washes. On the other end of the spectrum, dress coats were beautiful but the idea of investing in a dry clean only product for a child just didn’t make sense.

Armed with only a swatch she set out to create the ideal piece. She soon learned to sketch and sourced her fabric, now known as Velveteen Fleece, and MerriMane started to take shape. MerriMane jackets are made from one of the softest fabrics you will ever feel and provide warmth without weight or restriction. The MerriMane Fit offers a tailored style to elevate a child’s look without sacrificing their comfort with wider shoulders and armholes. Design elements are more reminiscent of high quality adult garments with fully lined bodices and pockets, hidden snaps, ruffle trims and interior pockets. Pops of color ensure children are not only comfortable but feel their style preferences have been considered.

The process of dressing and getting out the door shouldn’t be a struggle. MerriMane is working to make that process a bit easier with “go anywhere, do everything” styles that feel even better on your child than they look.