Style, Furniture and Family - Socializing with Roxy Te Owens


As a designer I have focused on making stylish outerwear that stands the test of time. Both for its style and durability MerriMane jackets are meant to last multiple seasons and through multiple children. Gone are the days when I will buy anything that isn't super comfortable and can withstand the wear and tear of an active family.

Not surprising, my perspective is no different in home furnishings. Durability and easy care fabrics are a must but I don't want to sacrifice on style. I was introduced to Society Social by a friend who has multiple pieces in her home and was hooked.  Beautiful designs and quality that lasts make the collection one I will be thrilled to  have in my home for years to come.

Roxy Te Owens founded her company in 2011 after growing up in the industry. She is a MerriMama too which makes this feature even sweeter. When I asked her what she loves about Austen's Bloom jacket she melted my heart with her kind words: "We love Austen's MerriMane fleece. You can feel the quality of the fabrics and it's casual enough for the playground but stylish enough for more dressed up activities. She wears it everywhere!" 

I will get to my favorite pieces in a moment but first a Q&A with Roxy Te Owens of Society Social:

MM: What are your favorite family friendly pieces in the collection?
SS: Anything (sofas, lounge chairs, stools!) in our performance fabrics. Most of them are spill proof (red wine rolls off)! 
MM: Does your adorable daughter Austen have a favorite item?
SS: She loves her Stevie Swivel. Literally-- she loves climbing up into it and going for a spin. 


MM: What inspired you to start Society Social?
SS: My love for entertaining and hosting all the ones you love. 

MM: How would you describe your interior design style?
SS:Traditional with a pop of color!
MM: How would you describe your personal style?
SS: I prefer classic silhouettes that have something a little special about them where it's color or print. Very much like my furniture line!
MM: How do you balance being a mom and an entrepreneur? 
SS: It can be very overwhelming because there are never enough hours in the day. When I get tired or stressed I try to look at all my to-do's as acts of love. So instead of being upset that there have been dishes in the sink for longer than I like or Austen has a poopy diaper on the way out the door, I think of completing all these mundane tasks as acts of love that make ours and her life better. 
MM: What lesson do you hope to pass onto Austen?  
SS: Be fearless, life is short.
MM: How has being a mom changed you and/or your business? 
SS: My perspective is more focused on the more important things in life-- I feel more than ever that I'm working so hard for bigger reasons than just the growth of the company. 
MM: What are some of your go-tos for mommy life?
SS: Dry shampoo, Obé Fitness for quick 28 mins at home work outs, my Nespresso!
MM: What’s been the greatest part about being a mom so far? 
SS: Seeing her grow, develop, and do new things everyday has been the greatest joy of my life. 
MM: What are your favorite things to do with Austen? 
SS: We love to dance it out to Can't Stop the Feeling! 
MM: Best piece of mom advice?
SS: It's all a phase. Savor every moment because next thing you know they'll be off to college!
Jasmine's Picks:
Roxy has recently relocated with her family from NYC to North Carolina. I was thrilled to capture these photos before she left! Thank you Roxy!
All photos courtesy of Society Social and Jacqueline Clair Photography