Building MerriMane

One Design at a Time

Managing through a Pandemic

Have you ever started to get the hang of something and then had the entire playbook thrown out?

From fashion where you finally find the right skinny jean just when you realize skinny jeans are out and demo boot cuts are now in? Or in work you learn all the excel shortcuts just when the software gets refreshed and they change?

Welcome to launching a business in 2018 and dealing with Covid-19 in 2020.

The Landscape

2019 was all about making connections and building brand awareness: Trunk Shows, Social Media Campaigns, Influencer Programs

2020 began as a year of education. The focus was on learning more about branding and marketing, email automation, SEO, sustainability in my supply chain, having a purpose driven business. I was READY and developing my first women's style. 

Then in early March the wheels came off. 

The Reality and Next Steps

Family and friends in all of our lives are getting sick, losing jobs and having to adapt.  Retail stores are closing and some are trying to move online. Service businesses are trying to bring programming online and maintain their customers. 

Many of us as mothers are in survival mode - taking care of our families and supporting our communities by staying home and social distancing.

As a small business owner here are the keys I am leveraging to make it through the Pandemic:

Maintaining Connections

Having a strong community of business owners to speak with is critical. Reaching out via email, social media, phone regularly to check in helps us all. 

Lending Support

Our communities need us now and supporting those within it is critical. We are buying from our local small businesses as much as possible and utilizing free delivery and curb side pick-up. 

Getting Involved

Donating money to non-profits in need, making masks for healthcare workers, staying home as advised. All of these efforts are a form of getting involved and supporting the cause. 

Leveraging Resources

The SBA and WBDC  are both incredible resources for disaster loan and grant information to help keep employees. Educate yourself on what is available for Small Business Owners in the CARES Act by clicking here .