Meet Sloane - A MerriMini Traveling the World!

At MerriMane, we like to think they we are building a community of like minded people putting family adventures at the center of all we do. With that said nothing could be better than sitting down with a chatty 4 year old and her incredible Mom to learn about their favorite adventures and all that is to come. Our first MerriMini feature of 2019: Sloane

What is the biggest adventure you have been on?
  • I went to Glacier 3000 outside of Gstaad, Switzerland and took a cable car 3000 feet up into the air to see the Matterhorn and the Swiss Alps

    2019 Bucket List Activities?
    • Be the best sister to my sisters Stella, 7, and baby sister Sophia who was born in December 2018
    • Continue to dance at Dance on the DL and Darien School of Dance, and continue playing soccer and tennis this Spring
    • Go off the diving board as many times as possible this Summer
    • Have amazing travel experiences. Up first, a trip to Anguilla this February to celebrate my Mom’s 40th Birthday! 
    • See Jojo Siwa in July - my first concert!
    Favorite Book: JoJo Siwa’s Guide to the Sweet Life
    Favorite Movie: Frozen
    On a Saturday morning where are you most likely to be?
    • Making up dances and performing with my older sister Stella, to JoJo Siwa and Kidz Bop songs. 
    Favorite Trip? 
    • Disney World. I first rode the Barnstormer Roller Coaster at 2 years old and it’s still my favorite. I love to see the princesses and once danced with Elsa in front of the Castle, when I was dressed as Elsa, too!
    • Hawaii
    • Italy
    Travel Tips from MerriMama: Sarah Evans of J Public Relations
    • Travel to hotels and resorts with a kids club if your kids are at the appropriate ages to enjoy them. Our kids love kids clubs and will typically spend a couple hours a day there on vacation. It gives them a chance to make friends and to do fun region-specific activities, and we get a bit of a break. For example, in Tuscany our kids participated in cooking classes, scavenger hunts, etc. and made friends with kids from all over the world - while we had a chance to sit by the pool or go to the spa.
    • Don’t over plan before you arrive. Of course you need to make sure the logistics are covered, etc. but make sure you don’t have a packed itinerary before arriving. I’ve found that our best family vacations are when we "wing it" a bit, and plan day by day once we’re there. That gives us a chance to feel like we’re out of a routine/schedule and truly enjoy vacation and each other.
    • If you’re staying in a hotel/resort, make sure you book the appropriate accommodations where everyone is comfortable. We always book two connecting rooms or a larger family suite so everyone has their own space. Otherwise, let’s face it, if everyone is on top of each other it’s hard to feel like a vacation.
    • My philosophy on traveling with kids is to go for it - whatever the age. My 4 week old is waiting on her first passport and we’ve been traveling with our other two kids since they were born, too. Travel gives us an opportunity to enjoy quality family time outside of our typical routine. You’ll never regret taking the trip.