Fall Styling Journal: Bitsy Style

I love seeing how people style my jackets for their children. Whether it be for a party or a playground visit every parent and child put their own personal touch on a look.


My good friend Alex is the founder of the children's blog Bitsy Style (visit blog here!). She carefully picks + styles children's wear brands - from accessories to clothing to toys + books -  to create a one-stop "shop" for those styling a little peanut.

Here is her take on styling MerriMane using the Bloom jacket in Cream.

  • Knee high socks are adorable on little girls and are a perfect way to transition all your adorable dresses and rompers from summer to fall. 
  • This fall is all about COLOR  - from hot pink to olive green and mustard, childrenswear has gotten a fresh look. Alex loved that the cream jacket could coordinate seamlessly with all of the colors she is dressing her girls in.
  • Layering is critical with children. Alex's girls were comfortable with a light t-shirt to a pink hoodie under their jackets. With our wider shoulder and armholes you have multiple seasons of wear.
  • Schoolgirl plaid has never looked more darling and hip with shades.
  • Camo is everywhere this season. Alex's take on the trend is adorable and her Greer clearly loves this look.

The #1 piece of feedback I  receive is just how versatile our jackets are. Dressed up or down, each of our styles complement your look. Alex noted that with MerriMane her daughters will look great and she will save money as she only needs one jacket. This is exactly why I designed the line and I couldn't be happier that customers are seeing the value in less is more. One jacket for all activities that is easy to wear and easy to care for.

For more on Alex and Bitsy Style, head on over to her blog by clicking here!