Family Activities During Quarantine

Who wants to play barbies? NOT ME!

The list of activities you could engage in during quarantine is endless, but Teddy and I choose to offer up activities that we also enjoy. These are all gender neutral and can be fun for all ages. 

  • Board Games
    • All Peaceable Kingdom Games (like these)
    • Sleeping Queens
    • Line Up
  • Puzzles - we have kid versions and adult versions going simultaneously to avoid us just doing theirs for them. I am sure you have been there - I literally do their puzzle before the girls even have a chance!
  • Cooking & Baking - we are spending so much time at home and everyone needs to eat so a wonderful way to do it together! Kid-safe knives (like these) allow them to help with all of the chopping needed for many of our recipes.
  • Lawn Games - we can make a game out of anything we have around but we play a bunch of corn hole, ladder ball and badminton in the backyard
  • Arts & Crafts - I enjoy coloring with colored pencils to relax so I set the girls up at the table with me. They enjoy American Girl DIY crafts (like here)
  • Nature Walks - even during quarantine we are finding new ways to explore around our yard and garden
  • Freeze Dance/Dance Parties - what a wonderful way to get out some extra energy. Important note - we listen to clean versions of our favorite music. Raffi and other childrens music is just too much when we are cooped up 24hrs a day.